4 Invited Professors in 2019

The Scientific Council of INSA Toulouse, at its meeting of November 22, 2018, decided to support four incoming mobility requests from research teachers of the DGEI. This is excellent news for both the GEI and LAAS/CNRS departments, with the aim of building new teaching and research cooperations with international colleagues.

  • Jean-Marie Dilhac, professor at GEI and researcher at LAAS/CNRS, and David Pech, researcher at LAAS/CNRS invite Daniel GUAY, Professor at the National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS) of Quebec, CANADA. They want to benefit from his expertise in nano-structured materials to develop 3D micro-batteries for storing embedded energy. This is a promising new research area complementary to the ERC 30-CAP project on 3D micro-supercapacitors.


  • Germain Garcia, professor at GEI and researcher at LAAS/CNRS, invites Carlos RESTREPO Assistant Professor at Talca University, CHILE, for 2 months, to model, analyze and control a bidirectional DC-DC converter structure using advanced control including hybrid control. The particularity of this converter is to be able to answer the needs of the treatment of the electrical energy in the decentralized or isolated structures.


  • Elodie Chanthery, senior lecturer at GEI and researcher at LAAS/CNRS, invites Anna SZTYBER, Assistant Professor, Warsaw University of Technology (POLAND), Faculty of Mechatronics, Institute of Automatic Control and Robotics, from September 13 to October 13, 2019 to start a collaboration in the field of fault diagnosis on complex industrial systems. The solution envisaged is to see these systems as a set of subsystems, and to apply decentralized and distributed diagnostic algorithms. The collaboration focuses in particular on the optimal choice of sub-system partitioning and the impact of this choice on diagnostic tests.


  • Mohamed SIALA, senior lecturer at the GEI and a researcher at LAAS/CNRS, will welcome Pierre SCHAUS, Professor at the Catholic University of Louvain in May / June 2019, in the ROC team of LAAS/CNRS to collaborate on knowledge extraction in migration phenomena. During his stay, Pierre Schaus will give a seminar on artificial intelligence at INSA, open to all staff and students of the institute.

Updated 7/12/18 ES