The GEI participates at the international tournament NXP-CUP

The NXP Cup is an autonomous mini cars race open for students who are seeking to acquire experience and skills in the fascinating universe of the automobile development.


A phase of qualifying rounds for the teams took place at the ESIEE Paris on the 19th of March 2019. Thirty-two teams from Germany, England, the Netherlands and Switzerland and of course, from France have been welcomed. Three teams from the GEI have took up the challenge with very honourable results.


Despite a short preparation period and a dedicated time reduced, the three GEI teams did not count their hours and weekends to take up the NXP-CUP challenge. This international tournament requires knowledge and abilities in computing, automation and electronics. The nine 4AE students had to face reliability issues on some of the car components. They learnt to code on a new microcontroller program environment. They had adjusted the order law and allowed its reconfiguration for the tournament.


The students involved in this tournament, had have a privileged access to the Toulouse NXP site and have been able to exchange freely with the engineers and HR manager of this international company.  


A feedback will be done so that the future teams could be even better armed to achieve better performances.