The Robot Club of INSA Toulouse in 2019

For many years, the Robot Club of INSA Toulouse has participated in the French Robotics Cup, which will be held this year in La Roche-sur-Yon, from May 30 to June 1, 2019 on the theme "Atom Factory". Club Robot presents its developments and perspectives 2019.

Software migrations

The initial training of new entrants was conducted in an efficient and structured manner. Regarding the design of electronic boards, the KiCAD software now replaces EAGLE. We are very excited about offering free alternatives to proprietary software that is often expensive. In the same theme, our microcontrollers are now programmed in Rust, and no longer in C. It is a change to a language that is both able to handle the low level in a crystal clear way, but its compiler is much more strict and typed. Difficult to take bad habits as in C.

Our new documentation continues to be enriched and only waiting for the visit of our professors / technicians / researchers favorites to be enriched and criticized (but not evaluated by pity ...). It is public and open to outside contributions as hosted by GitHub.
Link to the documentation:

The INSA FabLab

We took this year an extremely dynamic and cordial FabLab to prototype better (and more) before ordering the mechanics of our robots to our sponsor Goubier. We take the time to test our ideas BEFORE cutting them into aluminum.

Two robots to design

In 2019, we start on two simple robots rather than a complicated one, favoring simplicity and robustness. The actions are shared by two robots with as little redundancy as possible so that they are the simplest. Our two machines are distinguished by their way of collecting atoms on the game board: the main robot (on the left on the picture) deals with the shelves placed vertically at the beginning of the match, and the secondary robot (on the right) will move the horizontal pucks, found in 'chaos zones' in the center of the playing area.

Another novelty 2019:

We reconsider the question of LIDAR (right on the other photo) to spot our opponents on the set! We intend to test this equipment to decide if next year we will completely abandon the use of our yellow laser turret (left), which can only signal us if another robot is near, but not its position.

Club members sincerely thank all the GEI for its direct or indirect support (yes, some courses are very useful) in the project. The pace is accelerating with the approach of the French Robotics Cup, which will be this year at Parc Expo les Oudairies, in La Roche-sur-Yon, from May 30 to June 1, 2019