Research Projects of GEI Teachers/Researchers

European research projects implicating GEI Teachers/Researchers


National research projects


Industry-related research projects

Beginning in 2019

Beginning in 2018

  • Industrial contract with Orange Labs: Thing’in  Semantic extension (2018-2020) -  Contact: Thierry MONTEIL
  • CIFRE Collaboration with Continental -  Authentication and data protection in the automobile (2018-2020) - PhD student: Remi ADELIN - Researchers: Vincent NICOMETTE, Eric ALATA, Vincent MIGLIORE
  • Technical expertise contract with CAPTRONIC/ La mesure sur mesure (2018/2019) - Responsible : Jean-Marie DILHAC


Beginning in 2017


Beginning in 2016 :


Beginning in 2015

  • Research collaboration with DGA Rennes: development and assessment - Development and evaluation of specification-based protocol requirements (2015/2018) - GEI Contacts: Vincent NICOMETTE, Eric ALATA


Beginning before 2015


Development of tools