A few words from the Director

The Computer and Electrical Engineering Department (GEI) has two specialities: Automatics and Electronics (AE) and Computers and Networks (CN). It trains almost 250 students in two years, with a flow of nearly 150 students graduated every year. The GEI personnel, teachers, university lecturers and researchers, administrative et technical personnel, is formed by more than 50 people whose 41 are university lecturers and researchers practise their research activities in associated labs, mostly at the LAAS-CNRS.

GEI teachers publish some teaching and research books and coordinate Master of Sciences programs. They also publish some MOOC, especially on Embedded Systems and Risk Management. Finally, some teachers offer continuing training units, orientated towards professional training and companies.

The GEI has established important partnerships and joint actions with companies.


The management team 

Patrick Esquirol took office of GEI deputy director in June 2017. The functions of industrial relations manager are assumed by Marie-Véronique Le Lann, communication by Etienne Sicard and international relations by Eric Alata.

The management team relies on Thierry Gaffier and Alyssia Vénard in the management secretariat, Alyssia Vénard being also in the secretariat of international relations and the secretariat of studies with Emilie Dufour and Nathalie Cols.