DIADOLAB3 – Examination and rehabilitation of pathological speech

Developped by Etienne Sicard, GEI department professor, and A. Menin-Sicard, speech therapist, DIADOLAB is intended to help speech therapists for the examination and rehabilitation of pathological and deteriorate speech. GERIP society diffuses it.





Tools for segmentation and analysis of typical profiles have been developed and tested on 100 patients with ENT cancer, as part of the C2SI project led by Dr. V. Woisard from Rangueil University Hospital, in connection with the team Samova from the IRIT.
The series analysis /PaTaKa/ have been tested in particular on a corpus of 100 patients with Parkinson’s disease (Voice4PD project led by K. Douadi from the INRIA of Bordeaux, with the Samova team from the IRIT

Finally, the recognition of phonemes was tested on a corpus of voices of children of 5 years in cooperation with the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. The ERU 46 «pathological speech» team of the LURCO Laboratory from the learned society UNADREO also backs the researches.


The DIADOLAB third version includes a speech evaluation module based on a sentence and on a repetition of syllables /PaTaKa/. Various tools for flow analysis, fluence and intelligibility are proposed. The software also allows measuring the evolution during the rehabilitation.

The DIADOLAB3 software will be introduced for the first time at the Phonetic days at the Mons Clinique in Belgium, in May 2019. A work is being redacted on the theme of evaluation and care of speech therapy with DIADOLAB3.