Junior INSA Services, a Junior-Company at INSA

In order to get a professional experience and put the skills acquired during the classes in practice, INSA students have the opportunity to be part of the Junior INSA services (JIS) association. Indeed, these students use these skills to advice and guide companies of all sizes or even private individuals, in a concrete project. This activity also offers a salary for the student-consultant.


Lucien Menassol made that choice. He is student in 4IR at the GEI and consultant for Junior INSA services. Indeed, he helped his client to set up a support software for an artistic exhibition. This software allows fragmenting the images and recomposing them randomly. It is thus concepts of object-oriented development and skills in Python and Framework Qt programming that are mobilized.



Lucien Menassol’s feedback

"This study was an opportunity to develop complementary skills to my training while receiving a remuneration. I enjoyed meeting with the client to discuss how the software was working and whether it was meeting his needs. I think doing a mission with JIS gives you an interesting insight into the kinds of problems you might encounter as an engineer."


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