Escape game Inscape at GEI

The escape games achieve a great success since a few years. The world of education has become quickly interested in this system to use it as a pedagogical format. At INSA Toulouse, a teaching team including six people from GEI (G. AURIOL, S. BEN DHIA, E. CHANTHERY, P.-E HLADIK, D. LE BOTLAN, G. LE CORRE) have conceived the pedagogical project INSC @ PE.


L2 and L3 students are going to create riddles based on the skills they acquired in L1. They will after deploy their realizations in a real escape game room in order to serve as a showcase for INSA Toulouse. The project confronts the students to methods of generating ideas, rapid prototyping in Fablab, recontextualization of their skills and teamwork.

The INSC@PE project may be used as a showcase for the open days or for high school students visits. An article entitled “Pedagogical activity on the creation of an escape game” (Activité pédagogique sur la creation d’un jeu d’évasion) will be presented the 16th and 17th May 2019 at the 6th colloquium “Teaching and Training” of the INSA group (pédagogie et formation). It will take place on the INSA Bourges Centre Val de Loire campus.