An increasing number of internships abroad at GEI

Since 2016, students are increasingly mobile abroad. This mobility is partly explained by the increasing number of students doing their internship abroad.

While last year (2017-2018), the proportion of GEI students with an internship abroad was very low (92% of 5A students stayed in France), this year, this proportion has been multiplied by three, indeed, almost ¼ of GEI students have done an internship in Europe or everywhere else in the world. This reflects the international reach of the INSA training courses and more particularly the GEI, indeed, it reflects the fact that one out of four GEI students is able to apply the theory acquired during their training not only in a professional setting but also in a foreign country.

Despite this increasing number of internships abroad, the destinations are mainly in Europe. Indeed, the most visited countries by our students since 2016 are mainly Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland and Belgium (4 students each, Norway which the most chosen country (8 students), or Germany (7 students).


Finally, these statistics show us that the students go more and more abroad either to study or to acquire professional experience with internships as we see here. We also note that the number of students going abroad to the GEI has never been higher in the past three years. This is also explained by the increase in the number of students at the GEI.