How To Join ?

Which training to chose ? 

Below, you will find the list of trainings offered by the Electrical and Computer Engeneering Department at INSA Toulouse:


Two specialisations in engineering training:


Master of Science:


Training partnerships:


The "n+i" network is a consortium of 50 French engineering schools. It is the largest network in France in 20 years. 


It is possible as a foreign student to integrate a master’s degree for bachelor through the n+i network.

How to apply ?

As the first three years of training are common to all specialties, the GEI only receives students from their 4th year. Recruitment in 4th year is specific to each INSA.


At INSA Toulouse it is open to:

  • holders of a diploma obtained (or being acquired during the academic year 2018/2019) at the level of Licence 3 validated exclusively in France, excluding professional licences.


  • holders of a diploma obtained (or in the course of acquisition during the academic year 2018/2019) of Masters of Science, Master 1 or recognized equivalent validated in France or abroad.


  • Online filing of applications on the website: open from the 20th January to the 20th March
  • File: marks and assessments obtained during these courses.
  • Information: INSA Toulouse schooling department (recrutement-4annee @
  • Download the application modalities 



 Admissions service

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 INSA Toulouse Schooling service

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