The Departement of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering (GEI) has the vocation to train new technologies specialized engineers. Whether in the field of electronics or informatics, graduate students will be able to adapt and be familiar with the technology employed in their field. The GEI training, by mixing theoretical classes and practical experiences, contributes to the learning ability and to forward skills and knowledge acquired, while sharpening the critical mind. 

The department has an active student life. First of all, from its clubs such as Robot Club and Informatics club. And then, from the student association GEIser who regularly organises some events by the students and for the students, linked to the GEI.

The GEI is an internationally open department with multiple relationships with schools or companies abroad. In doing so, many students go abroad for an exchange semester or a double degree, while foreign students come at the GEI to train themselves.

The department looks forward to welcoming motivated and involved students who are eager to learn.