Automatic Control and Electronics


The Automatics – Electronics (AE) welcomes students from the Materials, Components and Systems Engineering (IMACS) pre-orientation as well as outside students at M1 level (recruited on file). The training takes place on two years, the second year offering different specialities.


Automatics – Electronics speciality program

Automatics – Electronics speciality presentation

Automatics – Electronics speciality brochure

5th year course Automatics - Electronics




The automatic – electronic engineer training aims to train universal engineers capable of designing and implementing complex technological systems integrating components of different technologies (electronic components, computer and telecommunications equipment, software, networks, and mechanical devices).




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According to the chosen orientation, the focus will be more particularly on:

  • Embedded systems development taking in account specific constraint of these systems: real time, functioning safety, criticality, autonomy, energy consumption, environment (Embedded systems electronic major – ESE)
  • Formalization, monitoring and traceability of the engineering of these systems whose complexity requires the simultaneous understanding of the different types of components and the management of their complete life cycle.