OpenSource Conference Thursday 7 February 2019

Why distribute his work for free and without copyright to all?

Open source and Free software have already invested in all major areas of computing: server environment, application domains, network / security solutions, etc.

Behind open source lies a concept that has many advantages for companies as well as for us students and future engineers.


Thursday, February 7 at 15h, Amphi RIQUET at INSA, Guilhem Marion from Smile company will present the advantages of open source work methods, such as the principle of community development or the pooling of skills and problem solving.

Do you want to know more about the use of Open Source in the workplace? So join us Thursday, February 7 at 15h in Fourrier amphitheater!

Program: 30 minutes of presentation, questions and answers and a snack.

Organized by Club Info and GEISER.

Update ES 31/01/2019