Embedded Smart Power Electronics (5ESPE)Students' feedback

“The communicating systems design offices with M.NOULLET have been particularly interesting because they treated about serval communication technologies used in the IoT (RF,GSM,cloud, Xbee…). Likewise, the day in Montauban as well as M. ESCRIBA’s classes on  routing gave us an excellent overview of the circuit board production helped me a lot to understand placement and routing constraints for production. It is really get a foot on the ladder in this very technical field, and hence, I didn’t feel completely lost for my first PCB commands.” (M.Karamol, MyFox)

‘’The 5th year ESE allowed me in particular to deepen my knowledge on the different technologies of communications that I use frequently, to know different basic architecture in electronics in order to interpret the different schematics, to know the constraints in energy of a system to minimize consumption for example (especially in connected objects projects).This 5th year ESE was very positive in the fact that each professor shared to us their experiences, reusable tips for the world of work.” (M.Lion, Viveris Technologie)

“In the ESE 5th year, the large number of projects brought us an ability to adapt ourselves from one project to another” (A. Dubois, Field application engineer, NXP)

“This last semester was really practical oriented, which makes us discover new work environments (IDE, PSoC supports…) and it is essential for an engineer to quickly handle new tools!” (M. Karamol, MyFox)

“I think the 5ESE has known how to link the student and engineer life, with some group projects and real application cases (for example the automobile electronic design office) with the issue that we found in the enterprise. We are used to the smooth running of a practical work. It isn’t often the case in enterprise, especially on new projects, and 5ESE trains us well to face those problems, in order to, finally, found a solution.” (PO Huard, Twiga)

“We had many study project, few end-of-term exams and classes, which seems good for a 5th year. These projects allowed me to me to take ownership of what I had learned in previous years and also to acquire new technical skills and methodology such as teamwork. " (T.Cayrou, PhD student at the LAAS-CNRS)

“The 5th year brought me a lot of things like the previous years. During this last year, I learnt things of all the fields, allowing me to build up an engineer general culture. I learnt particularly for the electronic circuits’ realization many rules to make a functional circuit with original solutions. I also learned thinking methodologies to solve to achieve electronic functionality." (T.Gaime, CERN)

  “The INSA has allowed me to acquire solid knowledge in electricity and electronics, whether it is theoretical (formulas, calculations, components) or practical knowledge (use of tools), which are always useful whatever the job.The industrialization and manufacturing aspects discussed in course also serve me a lot, since many problems related to assembly constraints, accessibility, disassembly, testing, fragility, etc.During this 5th year, I appreciated the fact that the teaching is more turned towards big technical projects in quasi autonomy, rather than the classical courses in lecture theatre. I also appreciated the availability and proximity of the teachers. Finally, I really enjoyed being open to other disciplines such as sociology, management, and the intervention of industry professionals during class. "  (V. Perez, Assystem)

Mise à jour le 18 Avril 2017, A. Boyer