Embedded Smart Power Electronics (5ESPE)Employement areas, figures and internship examples

Employement areas


Some key figures (2014/2015)


Among the employing companies : 


Examples of targeted jobs 

  • Electronic design engineer
  • R&D electronic engineer
  • Electronic conception and embedded software engineer
  • Control Law Design engineer
  • Test on electrical and electronic systems engineers
  • Hardware design - electronic boards engineer
  • Electrical chain, command of electric motors and propulsion systems engineer
  • Analog design, digital, FPGA, power electronics engineer
  • Engineer characterization, tests and certification
  • Support engineer


Internship examples (5th year ESE) (2017-18)

  • Implementing an Error Amplifier in a Buck-Regulator DC Regulator Loop, On-Semiconductor, Toulouse
  • Electronic board design for a modular embedded computer for the monitoring and control of electricity transmission and distribution networks, ENGIE INEO - SCLE SFE, Toulouse
  • Realization of an autonomous, low-energy anti-intrusion sensor, SOMFY PROTECT BY MYFOX, Toulouse
  • Modelling of learning and visual expertise from a bio-inspired artificial neural network embedded on an electronic system, CERCO, Toulouse
  • Gateway standard software application, VALEO SIEMENS EAUTOMOTIVE NORWAY A, Drammen, Norway
  • Electronic and software development of a stratospheric video capture device, ELSYS Design, Toulouse
  • Embedded software design and low level programming of the microcontroller type DSP (TMS320F28379D), IRT Saint-Exupéry, Toulouse


Internship examples (5th year ESE) (2016-17)

  • PCB design and automated kiosk prototyping, for next-generation Doblet smart chargers, DOBLET INC., San Francisco
  • Development of a capacitive sensor for opening the trunk of the car, Continental, Toulouse
  • Electronics and embedded software for demonstrators of Sigfox, Sigfox, Labège technology
  • Development of a Power Distribution Unit for a new satellite bus, CNES, Toulouse
  • SystemC Network on Chip modelling, INTEL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT IRELAND LTD, Irlande
  • Software and hardware development (card and HMI interface), NXP, Toulouse
  • Creation and implementation of an algorithm for ETA sensors in combination with optical sensors, Continental, Toulouse
  • BCI simulation model in Cadence and validation on products (CAN pins), NXP, Toulouse
  • Development of a HIL (Hardware In the Loop) bench based on Vector and Arduino technical bricks, Actia, Toulouse


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