Embedded Smart Power Electronics (5ESPE)Skills

With this speciality, the student will know how to conceive an electronic or electric system, in order to optimize its energetic efficiency or make it autonomous in energy, but also guarantee its functionality without interruption, its functioning safety, its reliability, its robustness, its durability and its final integration. The conception is not only about the material part (chose the components, size, realise and test the electronic architecture), but also the embedded software part as well as the command.


Skills in Electronics :

  • Size an electronic architecture under energy consumption constraints (limited resources, autonomy, functioning without interruption)
  • Size the electronic of the energy converter chain
  • Select the appropriate energy storage system, know its constraints and size its management system.
  • Measure or calculate the efficiency, the energy consumption of an electronic system
  • Select sensors and make the analogic and/or numeric interface
  • Select and set up a wireless communication with a low energy consumption
  • Conceive an energy manager for micro-networks autonomous and connected
  • Guarantee the safe operation of a command chain and a strong power electromagnetic actuator taking into account failure modes of electronic components
  • Conceive a recuperation system for ambient and renewable energy
  • Conceive a circuit board under constraints of fabrication, integration, thermal dissipation and CEM



Skills in Automatics :

  • Model a static converter (linearization around the equilibrium point, nonlinear models, switched models ...
  • Synthesize and realize commands for static converters of electrical energy (linear and nonlinear command
  • Synthesize and make control of a rotating field electromechanical actuator (vector command)
  • Synthesize and make aMPPT command to implement in a project


Skills in Industrial informatics : 

  • Conceive and embedded software with low energy consumption constraint.
  • Develop an embedded software on different material platforms
  • Conceive algorithms ensuring the system functioning and the implementation of commands
  • Master programming languages for the embedded (C,C++)
  • Select a wireless communication to increase the energy autonomy


Update 02/05/2018 A. Boyer