Embedded Smart Power Electronics (5ESPE)Introduction & general informaiton

5th year Embedded Smart Power Electronics (ESPE)


Electronics are at the heart of the numerical revolution and the needs in sustainable development. They occupy a central place in many sectors whether transport systems, internet of things, production systems and the energy management, e-health, robotics… Electronic systems aim to make these systems safer, more autonomous, less energy-hungry, more compact, and provide them with more connectivity.

Among issues associated with electronic systems, the electric energy management constitutes a strong issue. It goes over the traditional remits of the electric engineering and the electric power, because of the stakes, scientific issues and technics associated to this problem, as well as the required skills to answer them. A best electric energy management passes not only by new power components, new storage means, but also by:

  • Embedded intelligence
  • The optimal control for energy conversion
  • Electronic architecture and the components choice



Objectives and issues 

The Embedded Smart Power Electronics training is about the electronic system conception focusing on the energy issue but also ensure its functionality without interruption, its safe functioning, reliability, robustness, durability, and its final integration. The design covers not only the material part (choosing the components, dimensioning, making and testing the electronic architecture), but also the embedded software part as well as the control. Thus, it covers all the 4th year AE disciplines.




Links with the research and industry


The training benefits from an excellent research positioning since many researchers from LAAS-CNRS are associated with the teachings. Its location also gives it a good industrial position since Toulouse is home to many large companies in the field of embedded electronics (Airbus, Actia, Continental, NXP, Assystem ...), SMBs / SMIs (Sigfox, SCLE-SFE, Adveez, MyFox , Nanolike, ...) and incubators (IoT Valley).



The Embedded Smart Power Electronics training is mainly based on courses backed by design offices and industrial team projects. An important autonomy is given to the students during the projects.

5th year ESPE presentation 



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