Sami YANGUILecturer at the INSA Toulouse GEI department

Sami YANGUI is lecturer at the GEI department INSA Toulouse. He obtained in 2014, an informatics PhD from TELECOM Sud-Paris, and an Informatics master from the University of Tunis El-Manar, Tunisia, in 2010. He is a member of the Services and Architectures for Advanced Networks – SARA team at the LAAS-CNRS.

His research interests are distributed architecture, service-oriented IT and Internet of Things. He is involved on different European and international projects, as well as standardization committees. He published many articles in conferences and scientific journal. He has also served on numerous program committees, international conferences and workshops. At the GEI, he teaches Cloud Computing and Big Data. He is also involved in modelling courses and object-oriented programming, as well as virtualization of distributed infrastructures and networks.


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