Automatic electronic and computer engineer at the INSA, Jean-Yves FOURNIOLS started his engineer career at MATRA MARCONI SPACE. He is electronic lecturer at the GEI since 1997, in 2003 he obtains the Authorization to supervise research (ASR) and he is still conducting his research works at the LAAS-CNRS in the N2IS team (Nano Engineering and System Integration) in which he was the responsible from August 2006 to March 2015.

University professor in 2005, integration of micro-system specialist, Jean-Yves FOURNIOLS had participated at many regional, national and international research programs, with a strong interaction with the industrial field.

His works on integration technologies and on shared microsystems for distributed instrumentation concern among others, aeronautics, domotics and recently the person fragility analysis and the top level athletes performances.

As a former sportsperson and a sport fan, Jean-Yves FOURNIOLS is the author of two educational books in electronics, patents, publications and scientific conferences.

He has been named, in May 2015, the INSA Continuing Training director.


Contact : fourniol @