Marie-José HUGUET

Marie-José HUGUET is informatics  professor at INSA Toulouse in the GEI department since 2000 and LAAS-CNRS researcher in the ROC  team (Operations Research, Combinatorial Optimization and Constraints). From 1995 to 2000, she was in post at the “Pays de l’Adour” and Pau University.

As a Training engineer, she obtained a PhD in 1994 and then she gets an Authorization to supervise research (ASR) in 2011.


She mainly teaches Graphs, Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithms and programming.


Her research activities are about:

  • Constraint programming, arborescent research methods to solve scheduling or sequencing issues, payload test planning, and acquisition dump planning.
  • Solution to mobility issues: multimodal routes, multi-objectives routes, car share respecting the private-life, routes synchronisation.
  • The determination of Nash equilibria in multi-agent transport networks.



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