INTEL partner relations

The INSA Toulouse Electric and Computer engineering department has implemented, since 2013, teachings in the field of Internet of Things basing it both on the industrial fabric and the research activities made at LAAS-CNRS.

Action in progress

From 2014, the world leader INTEL has shown interest in several ways:

  • By partnering with the Internet of Things Day organized at INSA, which, at its second edition in April 2015, attracted more than 220 industrial-student researchers,
  • Providing development kits constituted with micro-PC with Galileo  and Edison  boards, and Grove sensors/actuators. These have been used in projects in 2nd year MIC and 4th year AE with the instruction “Unleash your imagination”.
  • Sponsoring the services and connected objects contest for the smart city organised by INSA with a special INTEL prize. Results of the competition were presented at the maker faire show in Paris in June on the INTEL stand
  • By providing a flying wing-type drone as part of an international INTEL challenge that our students participated in, in 2015, as part of the 4th year AE and IR tutored projects.


Mini-Lab partnership

Finally, INSA, associated with LAAS has been selected in Europe to join on of the 5 INTEL mini-labs in the field of services future networks (SDN, NFV), with, for Toulouse an application to the Internet of Things and to the cloud. INSA is one of the two selected with the Applied Research Centre for computer networks in Moscow.


IoT platform

These different actions will be materialized since September 2015 by the setting up at INSA a Professional INTEL platform foreshadowing future networks and cloud. Our students will use this platform as part of the new training Innovative Smart Systems starting in September 2015 at INSA and then in 2016 at our partners ENSEEIHT  and ISIS.

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