The GEI is implicated in the TIM team

GEI students as well as some staff members are implicated in the TIM team’s (INSA/UPS) prototypes conception. In particular, Automatics/Electric students have conceived and realized the TIM07 vehicle’s electronic:

  • Thermic engine management
  • Lighting (LED lights, lights…)
  • CAN Bus deployed into the vehicle, in partnership with Freescale
  • Communication and positioning communication (GPS, Gyroscope… The data of the track are both stored on map and sent in radio-frequency link to the base)
  • Power electronic: power supply and control of electric motor in progress.
  • Many encodings on STM, PIC and Freescale MPC5604B processors.


The TIM07 car is actually only powered by thermal propulsion, but it will soon be hybrid, most of the components being already finalized.

TIM07  has already made her first lap on the occasion of the Student Days Michelin, at the end of April 2015. The TIM team is present in Colommiers, during the Educ-eco, the 8th and 9th May, and in Rotterdam, for the European Shell Eco-Marathon, from the 17th to the 24th May 2015.


Tim team website:

Contact at GEI: Thierry ROCACHER (thierry.rocacher @