Partner relations with NXP Toulouse society

A longstanding partnership

The partnership between NXP Toulouse society (previously Freescale or Motorola) and INSA Toulouse GEI has been initiated many years ago, in multiple formats:

  • Research partnership in electronic with the GEI teachers/researchers at LAAS-CNRS
  • Hardware and software supply & signal processing
  • Engineering and company management interventions at GEI in the form of design offices, conferences
  • Automotive electronic design office in partnership with company engineers
  • Company visits
  • NXP cup participation
  • Internships and job offers


Internships offers in anticipation of a recruitment

Many NXP society executive and engineers came to GEI in September 2015to meet the students. In 2014-15, 8 students from GEI and Physical engineering have completed their internship at NXP (Toulouse and USA). Three of them have been recruited on permanent contracts, and four are on fixed-term contracts.


The NXP cup 

The NXP cup is a unique occasion to meet the other schools, to share your experience in electronic, microcontroller programming and especially acquire a strong experience very appreciated by the employers.

The 15th September 2015, at the Fournier lecture theatre, numerous 3IMACS and 4AE students assisted to the society presentation and to the final live from Erlangen (Germany).


A Mobilized Teaching Team

Since September 2015, Patrick TOUNSI and Alexandre BOYER put a lot into the NXP partnership, particularly through the automotive electronic design office, the NXP cup, research collaborations and conferences organization.


Update 16/05/2019, MMN