Master of Science Industrial and Safety Engineering Innovating in Industrial & Safety Engineering

The Industrial & safety engineering (ISE) Master of Science (MSc.) has been ranked in 2015 as the 8th best Master in the “Risk management” category, on the training renown criteria, wages and job opening, and student’s satisfying feedback, by Eduniversal  ranking.



 The Industrial & safety engineering (ISE) Master of Science (MSc.) aims to train students to the tools and methods of analysis and of risk management implemented in different activity sectors: aeronautics, chemistry, petro chemistry, transport, energy, agri-food, building, pharmacy, and environment.


 Many industrialist speakers bring their field experience. Courses are mainly provided in English in order to answer to the Design office and engineering societies growing needs to realize some great international projects.


 The Industrial & safety engineering (ISE) Master of Science (MSc.) degree is issued by INSA Toulouse and INP  in collaboration with the “Institut pour une Culture de Sécurité Industrielle” (ICSI)


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