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The Second year Master Networks & Telecommunications - Embedded Networks and Connected Objects aims to establish a one-year degree course which prepares students to be able to innovate, that is to say, to conceive, design, produce, distribute, and market a "smart system based on connected objects" starting from the component through the business applications while taking into account the wider social aspects.


The course covers the social aspects, innovation techniques (e.g., TRIZ, creativity sessions, etc.), entrepreneurship, physical aspects and the manufacturing of sensors / actuators, fast prototyping in electronics, communication mechanisms and the architecture of the Internet of Things including the analysis and processing of data from these systems with a Cloud connection and Big Data. Specific aspects of security for IoT are addressed as well.


The course culminates with  an innovative product which will allow the students to put into practice most of their multidisciplinary skills. On this degree course, the heart of pedagogical innovation lies in the following points that foster  strong commitment, acute retention, and the success of each of our students.

We bring together research and industry by creating a partnerships with our research laboratories LAAS-CNRS and LPCNO and industry in the IoT field (i.e. Thales, Orange, Sigfox, etc)

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