Complementary degree “Management and high-tech innovation” TBS-INSA

Students intensify their comprehension of technological projects development learn to create, enhance and manage activities in an high-tech company, with a “manager-engineer” profile, by means of 200hours (18 ECTS in 16 weeks) of teachings concentrated on the 5th year. The internship on a theme approved by the INSA and TBS, which lasts between 4 and 6 months during the semester 10, has a double dimension: technical and managerial I an industrial environment, which can be done in pairs with a TBS student.



Submission of applications (4th year students): March

Selection mode at GEI: Direction of Studies (gei-direction-etudes @

Contact TBS complementary degree: Michel LOMI (lomi @, CSH

More information : Moodle