ISIS/INSA Pathway A speciality for the Informative systems for health


The Computer and Information Systems for Health engineering school is located in Castres, second industrial centre in the Midi-Pyrénées region and territory recognized as "digital and health" ecosystem. ISIS  Is a Partner of the INSA group.



Make a 5th year at ISIS

INSA Toulouse and ISIS have a specific agreement allowing the 4th year students of Informatics and Networks to follow a 5th year at ISIS.


Hélène LAFAYE’s testimony, 5IR 2014.

“If you want to work in the medical field: health centres, hospitals or to plan solutions for medical professionals, ISIS is made for you. First of all, I advise you to look at the syllabus to see the classes you are going to follow. It can give you an idea of the teachings and see if you like it or not. To encourage you should know that the security class is partly given by M. ALATA himself, and that, in fact, is the same class as at INSA! You will not be totally lost.

You should also know that the teachers are attentive to the students, they know your name and are ready to spend an hour with you if you have any difficulty or an external project to lead. Don’t worry you will not need it, your classmates will be here too. For the rest, it is a matter of many theoretical classes very interesting about computer technologies used nowadays. Forget your system integrator classes, at ISIS we are more oriented Information systems and so, much more a general overview of informatics. If you are passionate about electronics or plan to do embedded systems, I don’t recommend you ISIS. At the contrary, if you like object languages or workflows, ISIS suits you. The practical works are realised in pairs and you can chose you partner. Even if the practical works are less numerous than at INSA, they are as important in the UF assessment. A good idea implemented at ISIS is a week dedicated to a project mixing business intelligence and hospital stream management. It is a project quite realistic with different objectives each day of the week. This project is very educative: project’s organization, informatics solutions offers understanding the issues and the problem, everything is there. In general, the classes are organized more or less as at INSA: theory, practical works, supervised projects with companies.

Looking at the syllabus you will see that the modern language 2 is Chinese for everybody. For me, it has been replaced by a workflow class in independent learning.


Next to purely technical classes, we find classes on:

  • Management
  • Hospital stream organisation (patient’s path, hospital logistic)
  • Law specific to informatics for health (health data storage for example)
  • Standards of exchange between Assurance Maladie and health professionals


This is the latter classes that make the difference between a 5th year at INSA software engineering and ISIS.

On the student’s life side, ISIS is a young school with a small group of students (about sixty in 2014). There is only one class by year and everybody know each other. The general atmosphere is therefore warm and happy. You will found a baby-foot, a billiard table and a television to gather you.  

On the student’s life side in Castres, we must say it, it is not Toulouse. The city organizes some activities at the beginning of the year but the rest of the time, you have to organize the events: galas celebrations, graduation ceremonies and integration weekend.


The associative life just starts at ISIS and to date there are only two “clubs”:

  • The “Junior entreprise” : Horus Healthcare systems,
  • Osiris: the ISIS’s PK (organises parties and manages the refreshment stall and snack bar during the breaks)


On the jobs’ and perspective’s aspect, the ISIS site’s paragraph is a good source of information. However, after an INSA/ISIS curriculum you will not have the complete credentials around the hospital systems training. The INSA training is more generalist does not stop you from going to the medical field. To give you ideas, people from my year group work today in the following societies:


I work for my part in a society which edits software for ambulances, taxis, companies, shopkeepers, doctors, funeral parlours. The project I am on does not yet involve health. After this curriculum you have a INSA degree and not ISIS. The ISIS choice will not be a barrier in your career. Only two other students had made this choice previously. The first one works in Airbus and the second one worked at Mipih for a while and is now in Argentina. To ask them some questions by mail helped me to make my decision, do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information, I will be delighted to help you! Hélène Lafaye (lafayehelene @, October 2014»


INSA contact: Direction of studies (gei-direction-etudes @