Software Defined Radio Platform Software defined radio platform / an interuniversity project from Toulouse’s federal University.

The software defined radio i s a technology for the production of radio-frequency transmission systems where most signal processing operations are performed "digitally" via software developments. The hardware remains very generic in order to adapt to a wide variety of applications and protocols. In the field of Internet of Things, the software radio has a prominent place in the face of the diversity of technologies involved and the growing need for interoperability between communicating systems. The installed platform at GEI is part of the Interuniversity Training Software Radio Platform (RALF), a joint project of ISAE, INSA, ENAC, ENSEEIHT and UPS. This project aims to promote software radio technics in the engineering trainings of the Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées federal University.


Contact: Daniela DRAGOMIRESCU, Sébastien DI MERCURIO, Thierry MONTEIL