Robot control real - time system4th year Automatics and Electronics (AE) and Computer and Networks (IR)

The mini-robot control project serves to illustrate the concepts seen during the real-time class (scheduling, managing competing tasks, shared data, etc.) makes work the 4th year AE and IR students on the design of a time-constrained software architecture.

The proposed learning platform consists of a robot operating in an arena. It is equipped with an Xbee module to communicate with a Raspberry card equipped with a camera. This allows to have a global view of the system to locate the robot.

The first version of the robot used an ATMEGA 8. Since 2017, a renewed and miniaturized version based on STM32 has been implemented and deployed during the practical works. The implementation on the robot has been ported on FreeRTOS, ensuring thus a best code quality. The graphical control interface has also been completely revised and developed using node.js, an http server.

Finally, a STM32 processor-based charger has also been developed by the technical team of the department, in order to finely manage the battery charge.



Realization details:

  • Raspberry pi3 - Image Analysis, Network Communication, Xenomai 3.0 Real Time
  • Mini Robot running STM32F103RB
  • Robot loader under STM32F103RB


Teachers: Pierre-Emmanuel HLADIK, Claude BARON

Developers: Sebastien DI MERCURIO, Lucien SENANEUCH


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