Radio Interface Sizing for Mobile Networks Design office

As part of connected objects networks development (Internet of Things IoT, Machine to Machine M2M), a design office in 4th year Informatics and Networks, option Networks and telecommunication has been developed, to answer to the needs in knowledge and savoir-faire on the radio interface.

Conceived in the form of project learning, the 20 hours design office includes the sizing and performance studies of a LoRA network for a “smart parking” application install on Rangueil’s campus, taking in account the coverage constraints, throughput, service quality, robustness to interferences and compliance with radio regulations.


The project is made up of 4 steps:

  • Understanding the operation and constraints of the LoRA radio interface
  • Characterization of the radio module
  • Lora Network Performance Simulation
  • Development of a field measurement and validation system
  • Report in the format of a scientific paper







Link to the 2016-17 student reports:


Contact : Alexandre BOYER (boyer @