Laser game

On Thierry ROCACHER and Vincent MAHOUT’s initiave, a laser shot game evolution conceived by Jean-Louis NOULLET.

Realization: José MARTIN, Fabien NOUGAROLLES, José PEREZ



The Laser Shot pedagogical model is used for the MIC pathway third year. This playful model allows to illustrate in the form of a design office the field of the signal processing, analogue electronics, programming and assembly language (ARM Cortex-M3). It serves again in 4th year during the microcontroller peripheral devices training (STM32F103). It is about a game composed of several laser guns and an electronic target.

Aim of the game: several players shoot simultaneously at a target. The target has to indicate the number of times each player hit the target. To add difficulty, each “impact” has to sound.

Pedagogical objectives: illustrates telecommunications, modulations, filtering, and implement an analogue electronic linked to a microcontroller.


More information: “A laser shot game, or how to mix up signal processing, electronics and systems integrator T. Rocacher, V. Mahout, P.-E Hladik”, CETSIS 2013 congress publication.