Automobile Electronic design officeIn partnership with NXP Toulouse





Vehicles embed more and more electronics components (microcontroller, sensors, power actuator…) allowing to improve the system reliability, the security and the passengers’ comfort, while optimizing the energetic output. The implementation and the organization of all this mechanism inside the vehicle needs a large savoir-faire in electronics (analogic, numerical, and power) and in material informatics.



Design office

The Automobile Electronic design office, aimed at students in the 5th year of the major ESE (Electronics Embedded Systems) in partnership with NXP (Ex Freescale), aims to realise an easy automobile application such as the windscreen wiper control or the lightening of the headlights, while respecting several strong constraints of automotive applications:

  • Application Reliability and robustness
  • Security and passengers’ comfort
  • Low energetic consumption of the system
  • Communication between the systems


Students have available several mocks-up (headlights, dashboard, screens, car door, hatchback…) and electronic components dedicated to automobile applications (32 bits microcontroller, circuit breaker). These components are supplied by Freescale Semiconductor society. From a common bill of specifications built up by the students, each duo develops a part of the final application matching with one subsystem (door, display, dashboard ...). These different subsystem must be interconnected and communicate by CAN bus.



A new micro family (iMX6) will be introduced in the future, allowing to address infotainment applications and telematics:

  • multimedia
  • management of reversing cameras
  • radar management
  • GPS management
  • Bluetooth communication, WiFi…


A partnership with the industry

The design office is led by P. TOUNSI and A. BOYER, teacher at GEI, with engineer’s participation from NXP Toulouse.