Year Organisation and Events


We want our students to be aware of the challenges that will appear about the Internet of objects as soon as possible, through various media :


  • Awareness of students in 4th year of tutored projects. These achievements lead to prototypes they can instantiate for example in the intelligent building CNRS ADREAM (video made by students: or home ( video made by students:
  • The organization of a theme day sponsored by industrials on the Internet of Things with a morning dedicated to general presentations (eg. smart city approach in Toulouse metropolis Overview of objects, etc...); followed by an afternoon dedicated to practical parallel workshops led by industry, researchers and students. In 2015, there were 250 registerations with a half of students  a quarter of industrials and a quarter of a researcher. We find again this desire to mix industrial, researchers and students.



The organization of the ISS training year also follows an innovative scheme due to the desire to integrate students from different disciplines and make them progress on one hand in their main field but also in the related ones. Students do not necessarily have the same learning in all subjects ISS. This is made possible by:


  • Modules made up of little courses, giving way to projects and practical work on research results related to ISS, and used in the industry or being industrialized.
  • Seminars by industry players: technics, innovation and international stature business.
  • Participation in international events such as a Hackathon organized under the EMTECH meetings with th MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and sponsored by Intel, Orange, the FRENCH TECH. Our students have won 2 awards: Monitoring of attacks by digital intelligence SAINT (3rd prize), Eco Food - stop food wastage (4th prize). Again, researcher and industrials have joined their forces to "coach" the students in their innovative project.
  • A transversal integrator project allowing each student to deepen their points of interest from an industrial problem or local authorities (example of project presentation :
  • Since 2016, a catalog of SPOC is available to allow our students to choose some deepening in the context of a supported action, and funded by the University of Toulouse for ISS.
  • An assessment with a portfolio which fits with the student's origin and contains objectives he needs to acquire.



Various Partnership


The desire to bring together research and industry made us create partnerships with our laboratories (LAAS-CNRS, LPCNO and ultimately IRIT) and major industrials from the smart device field. For example, this can take the form of :


  • The creation of a commun mini-lab between the INTEL company - international leader, the INSA and the LAAS-CNRS into the field of future networks for smart devices. INTEL finances a part of the equipments and servers for the Internet of Things (64500€ in 2015), and the organization of events at the INSA of Toulouse (16000€ in 2015).
  • The partnership with Orange to offer new uses of their future LoRA network with smart devices (donation of 4G communication cards and comunication cards for the future LoRA network).
  • Startup contribution, so as to give them innovative solutions during their projects (this year the starup ELEMENTS).
  • Meetings with teams of Toulouse metropolis - public actor - to understand the needs and conceivable solutions as part of a social commitment.