Daniela DRAGOMIRESCU is an INSA Toulouse’s professor, at the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering. She is a GEI department council member and the coordinator of the Automatic-Electronics Specialty Council. Daniela DRAGOMIRESCU is member of the INSA Toulouse Scientific Council, which has the remit concerning INSA Toulouse research policy.


Since September 2015, she has implemented with her colleagues Thierry MONTEIL and Jérémie GRISOLIA, a master on the Internet of Things called Innovative Smart Systems. This master is open for foreign students. For more information and registration, contact contact_iss@insa-toulouse.fr .


Daniela DRAGOMIRESCU is researcher at the LAAS-CNRS lab. Since January 2015, she is the director of one of the 8 departments: the HOPES department which concerns Microwaves systems and photonic. The HOPES department gathers almost 80 people: CNRS researchers, university lecturers and researchers, PhD students, postdoctoral researcher and manufacturers welcomed at the lab for joint research projects.

Her research works are made in the field of wireless sensor networks (WSN) and Internet of Things (IoT). She directed 8 PhD thesis in this field and supervises 4 Current PhD thesis. Daniela DRAGOMIRESCU has published more than 80 research articles in magazines and international conferences.


Daniela DRAGOMIRESCU is Fellow of University of Cambridge since 2014. She has made several visits to Cambridge University as an invited professor and she is developing joint research projects.

Daniela DRAGOMIRESCU is the IEEE Solid States French Chapter president. She has organized various seminars in this context, some of them open for INSA students.