Student life at GEI department

      • GEIser association

        GEIser is the GEI association, here is where the department student life is brought to life! About thirty students from different trainings of the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering are active to offer activities of all kinds.

      • Junior INSA Services

        The JIS (Junior INSA Services) is the INSA Toulouse junior business. It allows students to become consultants and to realise some projects for any size of company and for private individuals. The offered projects are linked with the skills acquirend at INSA and are all payed.

      • The Info Club

        Club' Info is an exchange platform where you can take part in exciting projects, or propose your own! However, it is also a support platform where different training courses will be offered for those wishing to learn how to use computer tools.

      • The Robot club

        The Robot Club is formed by engineering students from the INSA of Toulouse gathered around a same passion: Robotics.
        Gathered in the Robot club’s room of the DGEI (Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering) of the INSA, we create, during our free time and throughout the year a robot with the objective of participating at the French Robotics Cup.