Continuing Education

About Continuing Education

Continuing education at GEI department of INSA Toulouse, France, is coordinated by Toulouse Tech Continuing Education.  Courses, lectures and practical sessions are given by the staff of GEI department. Continuing education proposes:

  • Continuing education short courses
  • Continuing Education programs
  • Professionalization Contracts

Continuing Education programs





Sept. 10-14, 2018

5-days training in Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits (EMC of ICs) 

Etienne SICARD (etienne.sicard @, Alexandre BOYER (alexandre.boyer @

14-16th may 2018THE KALMAN FILTER - PARAMETER ESTIMATION. This 3-days training is open to engineers, researchers, technicians and students who wish to become initiated to the Kalman filtering or improve their knowledge on the subject. Its application areas are quite diversified: signal
processing, physics, biology, meteorology, robotics, etc. Reduced fee for PhD students.

 Léa COT (lea.cot @


Update ES July 2018